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Gm Autoworks can provide true custom ECU remapping tailored to your vehicle on our 2wd rolling road. If you are looking for extra power or even for more fuel economy from a standard car to heavily modified we have a solution to suit.


Our 2wd Maha lps rolling road allows us to to carry out before and after runs and provide proof of actual tuning gains and tune safely with consistent results.
We are able to monitor engine parameters live on the dyno such as air to fuel ratios (AFR'S). Manifold pressures and temperatures. Ignition timing and many other crucial factors needed to ensure a safe and quality tune.


We carry out pre dyno/tuning check before any tuning takes place, using diagnostic tools, leak testers and visual inspection. This is to ensure your vehicle is fit and ready for tuning.


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Using only genuine up to date subscribed tools we can read and write software calibrations to and from the engines ECU. This is either via the OBD diagnostic socket or in some cases the engine ECU has to be removed, opened and read and write direct from the ECU's circuit board.


Each vehicle that comes in for tuning is treated as an individual, no “generic” file used and each vehicles software calibration is custom tuned using genuine tuning software to provide the best outcome possible.

Services offered:

• Dyno developed tuned files
• Stage 1, 2, & 3 (all modifications catered for)
• Economy tuning
• EGR solutions
• DPF solutions
• DTC removal
• Pops &Bangs
• Launch control
• DSG tuning
• Ad blue /FaP additive off
• Speed-limiter removal
• Dyno hire
• Power runs
• Rolling road days.


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