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We have years of experience and the specialist equipment required to carry out all diagnostic fault finding and repair electrical issues on all makes and models.


Automotive electronics started off in the early years of motoring with a hand full of wires with basic electrical functions in an entire vehicle.


Today’s modern vehicles now have multiple electronic control modules networked together making millions of calculations every second with miles of electrical cable.


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As vehicle technology advances at a fast pace so too does the requirement to understand and have the diagnostic equipment to cope with any fault that crops up.

Almost every job carried out in the garage will require some form of diagnostic computer connected to the car.


GM Autoworks has a wide range of up to date vehicle diagnostic platforms to aid us in getting to the route of any vehicle issues.


Diagnostic services:


• Fault code scanning of all ECUs.
• Ecu programming and coding.
• Service light resetting.
• Immobiliser / key programming.
• Engine and electronic diagnostics.
• Electrical fault finding.
• Wiring faults.
• Smoke leak testing.
• Oscilloscope diagnostics.

We regularly carry out diagnostic work for customers on a mobile basis.


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Trade customers also welcome.


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